Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cake Pops?

Everyone is allowed to blame their mother for something, and I choose to blame mine for passing along her sweet tooth. I think I'm justified to blame her for this. The woman had a candy drawer, people! A whole drawer devoted to just candy, and it was glorious. Not only that, but her cookie jar was always filled and she usually had some bars lying around. Needless to say, I became addicted to sweets, and it's probably not a surprise that I'm always searching for something new to try. So you can see why I was super excited to find a new treat recently released at Starbucks. Cake Pops....

Yup. A tiny little cake on a stick. It's our lucky day, reader! It's not even Minnesota State Fair season and we get a cake on a stick!!!  I, self-proclaimed sweet tooth queen, couldn't pass this up. I promise that it wasn't just the chocolate, but mostly my curiosity that got to me. They have three different flavors; Birthday Cake Pop, Rocky Road Cake Pop and Tiramisu Cake Pop.  Of course I got all three.

I have officially tried a little hunk from each, and currently have a sugar rush. Wow. The only one that sort of has a resemblance of a cake texture is the rocky road one. Otherwise, it's like fudge covered in frosting. That's my opinion anyways. If I had to pick one as the most tasty one of them all, it would be the pretty little pink pop with white sprinkles. It has a vanilla center with a pink chocolaty frosting. Uff. The marshmallows on the rocky road pop are sort of stale, but the nuts in the 'cake' are pretty tasty. The tiramisu pop is at the bottom of my list for taste and texture. There is a slight coffee flavor to it, as there should be considering it was dipped in a mocha flavored chocolaty coating... I guess you can't really go wrong with a fudge-ish filled, frosting covered treat. On a stick.

Even though I will never purchase these again, it was a nice, sugar-filled experience. While others would have scoffed at the new cake pops at Starbucks, I was the person who bought them, and was totally excited about it. Now, to re-create them myself??


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