Monday, March 21, 2011

All my seeds in a row...

I've decided to plant my very first garden this year. I finally have a backyard so I figured this is the year I will live off the land. Well, for a meal at least.  Apparently, if you want to have your garden succeed you need to start some of your seeds indoors, like yesterday. I could always buy the plants later on, but I've decided to grow them all myself. I'm guessing this might be a mistake, but I figure if I'm super nice to these little seeds and talk to them and feed them they will totally grow and yield more vegetables than I could ever imagine. Right?? Yes, I do realize I am being a bit delirious about the outcome of my garden.

I'm using 6 biodegradable pellet greenhouse kits. You are supposed be able to 'Grow Healthier Plants Faster With Fiber Grow!' My body needs/likes fiber, so plants probably do as well. In each 'greenhouse' there are 10 pellets, no dirt required. The pellets just expand and then you put them right in the ground so you don't disturb the roots. Odd, I know.  I'm not at all sure about how these little pellets work, but I trust Menards, which is where I bought them. It is my dad's favorite store after all, so it's got to be good. Did you know they have EVERYTHING there? Trust me when I say that we saw everything at Menards this past weekend when my parents came to visit because we were there for 2 hours. Who knew you could waste that much time there? Surely, not I. 

The seeds I am starting are tomato,red and green peppers, a hot pepper mix, pepper 'carnival mix', green onions and Columbine flowers.  I have the usual seed packets like carrots and radishes and such as well but apparently you don't need to start those early.  You can just throw those in the ground when it thaws, which will probably be the end of May seeing as I live in Minnesota.  My goal with all these peppers and tomatoes is to can salsa by the end of summer, So we will see if I end up just going to the farmer's market instead.  Fingers crossed this works. I'll keep you updated on how my little greenhouses are doing throughout the next few weeks. Exciting, isn't it?! If you have any gardening tips or words of advice please leave a comment or email me at Thanks!

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